We are a full service e-commerce company established from several years of Lean management experience and have offerings for web marketing, web designing, web Hosting, SEO services, Bulk SMS, Software Development, Mobile Application as well as Artificial Intelligence.

In-depth knowledge of business processes and consulting with Solid experience in process improvement, TCO reduction, detailed ROI evaluation and functionality advantages.

We have several years of experience with various systems, analyzing key solutions ensuring investment of time, budget and business solutions match to businesses forecasted growth.

As It is businesses need to always re-evaluate their internal processes for consumers to achieve healthy growth by undergoing business realization analysis and At Sysamic we believe listening, analyzing, deciphering, advising and then implementing new ideas to effectively present complex information.

Our value-added approach helps us to deliver quality projects that suits your business needs and that we incorporate state-of-art practices, techniques, and equipment.


Why Sysamic?

Sysamic is like no other company you have worked with. We help you connect to your audience using various proven success concepts.

We save you time providing you ideas, structure and prioritize those ideas into feasible phases to apply to your business.

At Sysamic we analyze and utilize the latest technologies such as AI to ensure our customers get the best.

We mix experience with trends and show our value through results.

Sysamic sees things from a customers perspective and what our customers want is our priority.

The success of our customers growth and recognition is our success

Who is Sysamic?

Established from several years of Lean management experience and analyzing and implementing core business solutions.

Our team focus on three core areas, e-commerce, software development and business solutions each requiring a deep level of business processes knowledge to create high performing environments to grow your business.

Sysamic In-depth knowledge of business processes, technologies, best practice, experience in process improvement, TCO reduction, detailed ROI evaluation and project management.

We minimize our customers investment of time and budget creating feasible options and business solutions.

At Sysamic we believe improved business processes and the right solutions enable efficiencies to create results. Our experts re-evaluate internal processes to achieve healthy growth by undergoing business realization analysis on current invested solutions or proposed technologies.

Solutions decisions can be complex and time consuming, we assist, analyze and implement solutions that make sense.




Sysamic value proposition is a promise of value we can deliver to your business

  • Able to solve problems or improve your outcome
  • Deliver added benefits by quantifiable realization
  • Differentiate with knowledge and innovative solutions to stay ahead of our competitors
  • Expertise with various solution helping you reach your goals
  • Systematic management approach ensures our customers are provided clear understanding of the task and deliverables
  • Ensuring critical success factors are achieved by understanding you
  • Place the needs of your business as a priority ensuring your complexities become simplicities.


eCommerce Solutions
Digital Marketing
Web Development
Mobile App Design
Business Solutions
Backoffice Service sourcing
Artificial Intelligence


  • eCommerce strategy is vital from day one of operations.
  • Implementation of an eCommerce can be complex.
  • Several key consideration area important in the integration layer
  • Consumer represents your target and what areas require a clear strategy
  • System represents your platform
  • Marketing brings together the company and the public facing information.
  • Back office is the facilitation of order management
  • eCommerce crosses lots of departments and business requirements.
  • Documenting and ensuring a clear project charter with comprehensive scope of work is essential
  • Analysis of platforms that suits business from initial requirements, internal resourcing to logistics integration
  • Solution proposals provided based on findings using business analysts to perform requirements gathering processes
  • Assist in negotiating contracts and ensuring the statement of work covers all aspects

Addressing eCcommerce challenges

To understand eCommerce challenges a feasibility study should be conducted to streamline processes and resources in digital business.

Some of the key points should be factored and include the following:

  • ROI and TCO investment
  • Structuring and segmentation of your CRM
  • Digital Marketing effectiveness
  • Increasing traffic through SEM, Retargeting and metric analysis
  • Clear Value proposition
  • Competitor analysis and understanding
  • Consumer Value added services
  • Time management, Fulfillment and best practice logistics processes

eCommerce Case Study

Business case:

  • Company A operated three (3) eCommerce solutions globally
  • European platforms TCO lacked cost effectiveness. Three (3) million pounds was development, integrating and supporting the application over five (5) years.
  • Total gross sales never covered the project or support costs.
  • American platform also lacked cost effectiveness, however total sales meant that eCommerce business was profitable however better by >17% on sales
  • Asia Market was running a lean platform TCO was <6% on sales


Major Achievements:

  • Standardized the organizations global theme.
  • Setup central support competency center that covered follow the zone concept of 24hours
  • Single global source code
  • Redesigned global Infrastructure with multiple CDN for optimal consumer experience
  • Global Platform running in 34 countries with localized Checkout and Payment gateway Average TCO Americas <12%, Asia still <6%, Europe <12% ROI 4 months sales
  • Total ROI transaction reduction all regions
  • Reduction in transaction and system TCO Project spend 800,000 USD ROI in 3 months

Software Development

  • Development team has several years+ with multiple development languages including PHP, Java (Android), C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery more..
  • Able to assist with selecting software development platforms to ensure the framework and ongoing business requirements are suited to the type of development needs for the business.
  • Initial approach of requirements gathering, proposal for the development platform outlining  the pros and cons.
  • Aid in defining and guiding the process to ensure its clear and simple

Software Development Case Study

Business case:

  • Company A had 32 existing retail stores in Japan and utilized off the shelf POS system which functionality lacked in meeting key business needs.
  • Business was growing quickly, required an efficient deployment setup.
  • Functionality requirement of duty free sales required the existing software to be upgradedQuote for upgrade 80,000 USD
  • Installation and implementation of IT new stores setup was 17,000 USD
  • Yearly support cost 120,000 USD
  • Single server POS master internally placed inside office

Major Achievements:

  • Developed Web POS solution for existing stores with a PHP framework
  • Integrated Store registration system and eCommerce platform (Omnichannel)
  • Data analytics integration with Qlikview
  • Reduced the system Store cost setup to 4,000 USD
  • Support cost was reduce to 50,000 USD per year
  • Infrastructure was place on the Amazon cloud to eliminate single point of failure and gave system scalability.
  • Project cost $30,000 over 3 months
  • Cost avoidance 50,000 USD
  • New Function of duty free sales increased Sales 9% in first month ROI was recognized in 3 weeks
  • Since this project started have opened 130 stores without increasing support or internal headcount

Business Applications

  • Choosing the right ERP can be complicated and time consuming.
  • End to End project can span years depending on the level of business complexity
  • Business process evaluation, understanding business goals, areas of focus and existing applications to integration are some areas where companies face difficulties and needs to be considered.
  • Businesses with existing ERP systems who consider migrating to a new platform requires more resources in the long term from a cost effective point of view.
  • Can quickly analyze your setup and provide options

Business case:

  • Company A required an outsourced consumer service department
  • Setup cloud based customer tracking system
  • Provide a platform to merge all customer data segmentations
  • Ability to scale the service of product recall issues arose
  • Project budget 300,000 USD


  • Provide business realization study for all data segments
  • RFP to reputable consumer service companies
  • Flexibility with SaaS and customer data integration proposed a customized Salesforce solution
  • Customer data cleanse and standardization of data collection information.

Major Achievements:

  • Realization of total customer base and data was more than 1 million unique after cleans
  • Streamline the Marketing and Consumer engagement reporting removed a FTE to manage customer segmentation
  • Clear data collection strategy
  • Customer engagement lead time reduction from 4 weeks to 3 days
  • Online sales promotion communications were sent every 2 weeks increasing sales 17% on first distribution
  • Removed manual signup process to digital

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