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e-Commerce systems today are so paramount in enabling a business to realize the real potential to reach consumers.

Unlike previously e-Commerce has taken a new shift paradigm where organizations are now required to keep abreast in new innovative technologies. Such solutions may encompass; fulfilment services, mobility, pasona analysis and artificial intelligence to name a few.

e-Commerce technology could either be open source, marketplace SaaS, or even proprietary software. Based on your business requirements your organization may require one or two of these technologies. Evaluating platforms can be very time consuming, there are thousands of solutions and many more architectural possibilities which will best fit your business.

Our team has in-depth experience in all facets of e-Commerce technologies and can assist you from your initial requirements. In addition we are able to perform business realization to evaluate your current platform.

A large part of e-commerce is knowledge and how best to utilize your existing resources and internal knowledge.

eCommerce projects have been around for years however many issues may arise such as complications with integration into your current operating business systems to automation and finally achieving the desired TCO.


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